Ulna Nerve Release (cubital tunnel)

 by Mr Ben Gooding

What is Cubital Tunnel Syndrome?

This is condition where the ulna nerve is squashed or compressed around the inside of the elbow. The ulna nerve supplies sensation to the little and ring finger. It also supplies the muscles for some of the functions in the hand including pinch.

The symptoms include tingling in the little and ring fingers which can be particularly bad at night. As the condition progresses weakness and wasting can occur in the small muscles of the hand and eventually hand function can be lost. There can also be loss of feeling in the little and ring finger region.

There are 3 common sites for compression of the ulna nerve in the cubital tunnel region. These are:



As the nerve passes out of the triceps muscle just above the inside of the elbow.

As the nerve passes around the bones on the inside of the elbow.

As the nerve enters under the muscle in the forearm just below the elbow.

The condition may be investigated with nerve conduction tests. These will show if there is any damage to the nerve.