Elbow Debridement (OK procedure)

 by Mr Ben Gooding

What is OK Arthroscopy?

An OK or ‘Outerbridge Kashiwagi’ procedure is used to treat elbow impingement (catching), stiffness, pain and to remove loose fragments.



The elbow joint is like a hinge and the bones interlock. An altered shape of the bones of the elbow joint or loose fragments due to arthritis or injury can lead to pain, catching, locking and prevent movement.


Osteoarthritis (wear and tear arthritis) is the most common reason to perform this procedure. In osteoarthritis there is often an overgrowth of bone around the elbow joint (osteophytes) which reduces the normal range of movement and causes pain when the bones catch together (impinge). These osteophytes or pieces of damaged cartilage can break away forming loose bodies which catch and lock the joint.


Other types of arthritis such as inflammatory (e.g rheumatoid) arthritis or previous injuries can also lead to the joint becoming stiff and painful and this procedure can be used in these conditions to reshape the joint.